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How Treatment at New Spirit Recovery is Designed to Prevent Relapse

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Overcoming drug and alcohol addiction requires more than just temporary sobriety; it demands a comprehensive approach that addresses the underlying causes and provides the necessary tools to prevent relapse. At New Spirit Recovery, located in Los Angeles, California, we’re dedicated to creating an environment that focuses on your total well-being—mind, body, and spirit—ensuring that you have the support and resources needed to achieve long-term sobriety. Trust us, it’s worth it.

A Personalized Approach to Alcohol and Addiction Treatment

According to Current Psychiatry Reports, “studies show that more than 85% of individuals relapse and return to drug use within 1 year of treatment,” and “several studies have shown relapse rates as high as 65% to 70% in the 90-day period following treatment.” At New Spirit Recovery, preventing relapse is a top priority. That’s why our experienced team employs evidence-based medical interventions customized to your unique needs. By addressing the underlying factors contributing to your addiction, we equip you with the necessary strategies and coping mechanisms to maintain sobriety long-term. 

Individualized Treatment for Drug Addiction

Each person’s journey through drug addiction is distinct, and we recognize the importance of tailoring treatment to address your specific circumstances. Through comprehensive assessments, our dedicated team creates individualized treatment plans that consider your history of drug abuse and pain levels. By addressing the root causes of your addiction, we empower you with personalized strategies for recovery—reducing the risk of relapse and fostering lasting sobriety.

The Benefits of Inpatient Treatment

Preventing relapse often requires a break from familiar environments and triggers. That’s why New Spirit Recovery offers inpatient treatment programs designed to minimize relapse risks. In our residential programs, you’ll experience a supportive and nurturing environment, free from drugs and alcohol. With evidence-based interventions, holistic therapies, structured self-care routines, nutritious meals, and round-the-clock support from our team, you’ll develop the skills and resilience needed to prevent relapse and maintain long-term sobriety.

Addressing Opioid Addiction and Chronic Pain

Opioid addiction can be particularly challenging, given the chronic pain often associated with it. At New Spirit Recovery, our multidisciplinary team specializes in the holistic management of opioid addiction and chronic pain. By addressing both the physical and psychological aspects, we guide you through a personalized detoxification process and equip you with effective pain management strategies. Our goal is to free your body from harmful substances, minimize pain reliance, and support you in preventing relapse as you navigate your path to lasting sobriety.

Why We’re Different

At New Spirit Recovery, we understand that the true test of your sobriety begins once you re-enter your daily life, so preventing relapse is at the forefront of our approach. We know that the thoughts, emotional triggers, and discomfort will be right there once you leave treatment—especially once you have more free time. We view this as a significant challenge and commit to standing by your side during these demanding periods. Our recovery program supports relapse prevention as a fundamental goal of our aftercare program.

The enormous gifts of long-term sobriety are more than worth the work it takes to get there, but we do recognize that it’s work. If living a substance-free lifestyle is your goal, New Spirit Recovery can help you get there. Learn more about our program, facilities, and philosophy and take a step in the right direction today.

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